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Published on August 5, 2017

so I have to start I can’t somebody walking no we’re here to talk trends for 2017 and decide which ones are fun. for now and which ones have staying power trends number one mirrored coffee tables this was a popular one with our whole staff because it kind of disappears into a room don’t you think it’s chic but it also is very subtle they are a good transitional piece you can have a traditional home you can use it you can have a contemporary or a modern space it works well in both okay so it’s paddle time what do you think one two three whoa it’s unanimous trend number two iridescent it’s light and airy it’s got all kinds of beautiful rainbow hues but it’s not sort of dark and moody like an oil slick like we used to see in some metallics we’ve been seeing glass walls for years now they have a bit more life to them a bit of extra dimension yeah so what do you think bottom line one two three think I guess we agree it’s fun for now oh the festive one sample is trend number three the interrupted floor so this is a situation where you would normally have a transition or a threshold but we have noticed designers kind of making them look like they are organically melding into each other and sometimes it can function almost as a runner so it has a really great dramatic effect what’s your prediction I have to borrow your thing consis is my prediction what it has staying power when you do it as a runner in a kitchen when it’s in a bathroom or a living room kind of threshold I think you’re going to get bored of it I like the way of our did you case I think I’m going to agree we’re very non-committal about this tread number for penny round tile they are showing up everywhere and not just on floors where we would see them but climbing the walls on ceilings in bathrooms meg what do you think you said you have strong feelings about that I have strong feelings that I love this oh we’re all a little bit bored of the subway tile and it feels Downton Abbey it does feel a bit bumpy madam implement its centuries-old so for that reason I think penny round tile is taking over and it has staying power agreed trend number five open-ended islands I’m going to argue for this one I think it’s a good idea give you an opportunity for some display something a little personal I think it’s a great idea I think it looks great but I think I like my Island to have things put away so I think I’m going to give this a fun for now I’d give it staying power the next trend we’ve got is the whatever we call like trend number six french blue people loved it in the office I’m not sure about this one I’m not sure who you are anymore this is the first time I’m hearing this there’s a romance to it you feel like you could see it on a doorway in Paris or in Provence I think it works when you have really lovely architecture interesting millwork I’m worried that it’s not going to work in kind of a suburban space well this is very shocking I think we have to put it to a vote go make closely what’s going on with you just because I don’t like it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have staying power okay sure I got connected myself trend number seven is the new slipper chair now it’s not new but we’re seeing in different proportions now with higher backs and it seems like it’s back in the rotation again I love this chair I think it is recognizable but the fact that they have changed the proportions of stubby legs makes it feel new at the same time so this is what I really could get behind we’re both leaning in the same direction with this one I think so did we reveal slipper chairs they have staying power the next trend we wear okay here we go trend number eight moody murals I used to be very pretty and mechanical with vines and flowers but they’ve gotten a lot moodier and I’m all for it I agree I think they look like a Turner painting and I can’t afford a Turner painting so to have something like that in a library or den I love it one two three I actually went with fun for now because as much as I love them I think that they’ll take another turn in a couple years so I think we should embrace them now and the great thing about a mural is it’s relatively easy to change you’re not having to start from scratch and redo your whole room trend number 9 high country I think country cotta gets a bad rap people think it’s cheap and cheerful shabby chic but this is a committed look beautifully appointed and a fan of country so I love this one that gorgeous kind of grey brown wash on the walls it’s like a upscale barn board it just takes it to a new level so I think for me this trend has staying power you could how we agree how convenient and trend number 10 nomadic modern this one is kind of bohemian meets East Coast it’s quirky there’s some tribal there’s some exotic I think it’s something that I could commit to for a while not in my formal living room that’s as far as I’m going to go with my prediction I agree with you I love the palette it’s kind of spicy I love that wallpaper that really does it for me it’s unexpected I think we’ve talked ourselves into our decision which way are you going to go fun for now I’m also fun for now I think it’s a great trend look I think it will last for a few years but then I think it will it will be tweaked eventually it’ll evolve oh we certainly love it right now it was a favorite those are our trend predictions for 2017 we’ve shown you some furniture some color and now we’d love to know what you think did these turns have staying power they just fund for now

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